School Manager 2022-012 Release Notes

Welcome to School Manager release 2022-012!

We have improved your Linewize block page with straightforward messaging and simple graphics.

The new Linewize  block page is displayed anytime any user attempts to access content blocked with your schools policy.

The key difference is users will now need to click to know why their access is blocked and to see:

  • The policy rule name
  • The  web address that was blocked by the policy
  • A link to your Acceptable/Internet Use Policy
  • A link to report the content or website as incorrectly blocked
  • A field to enter a bypass code where it is enabled for users

The Linewize  block page does not require any changes to your current School Manager configuration.

We are planning future upgrades to the Linewize Block Page to provide more information to the block reason. For example when a student is blocked by a teacher's class policy. We are also exploring integration with our online safety hub content. For example, when a student is blocked from accessing gaming sites during school time, we can easily link to student content in your online safety hub that pertains to gaming.

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