Configuring the School Time in SCP

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We will be retiring School Community Platform (SCP) on June 30, 2023. Between now and then, we encourage you to contact Linewize Support to discuss if Linewize Community is suitable for your school.

School Time is a feature that allows schools to set school-day time parameters for their filtering policy on subscribed Connect devices.  For example, some schools may opt to extend filtering 30 minutes either side of regular school hours to cover students’ travel time. Once it is outside of School Time, the settings applied from the student’s parents’ account will take effect. 

To be able to use this feature, schools must be signed up to School Community Platform (SCP), which is available exclusively to Partner Schools. For more information, please contact your Linewize Success Manager.



Configuring School Time

  1. In School Community Platform (SCP), navigate to Settings > School Time



  1. Select the Year Level using the drop-down



  1. Select the Beginning and Ending times
  2. Select Save



  1. Repeat this process for all year levels


Changes can take up to two minutes to take effect on a student’s device


What happens to a student’s routine if School Time is shortened?

If a school chooses to shorten School Time for a group of students then the School Time policy will be replaced by “Study” time.

Can I set different start and end times for different days of the week?

No, all days designated as “School Days” will reflect the same schedule.

What days will School Time be enforced on?

School Time is enforced on any day that is designated as a School Day in the school’s or year group’s calendar.

Can a parent adopt School Time but opt out of the school’s Calendar and Filtering Policy?

No, when a parent opts into School Community Platform, the school’s School Time, Calendar and Filtering Policy are automatically subscribed to.

Can parents change School Time?

No, they are not able to alter School Time.  Parents can override a School day and set it to a Rest day. The school will be notified if this occurs.

How does a parent opt out of School Time?

Parents can opt out of School Time by opting out of School Community Platform or by unlinking their child from the school in their account.

What happens if a student is sick?

If a student is sick and the parent wishes to allow greater internet access, they can make a Quick Time change, change the day type or implement a routine override.  If the parent overrides School Time, the school will be notified. Another option is for the school to mark the student as "Not at school".

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