Managing Situation Changes in SCP

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We will be retiring School Community Platform (SCP) on June 30, 2023. Between now and then, we encourage you to contact Linewize Support to discuss if Linewize Community is suitable for your school.

During the school year it is common for students to have changing circumstances, such as family changes, changing year groups or even leaving the school. This article discusses how to manage these changes using School Community Platform (SCP) and how to manage unclaimed students.



Student and family changes

Student and family changes can mean that a student has a name change, change in parents/guardians or a shared parenting arrangement. To update this, you will need to:

  1. Remove the students from SCP
  2. Add the student/family into SCP with the new details



Students changing Year Groups 

If a student changes their year group, you will need to update the student's Year Group.



Students leaving the school

If a student has left your school, you will need to remove the student from SCP.



Managing Unclaimed Students

Unclaimed students are created when the Student Auto Enrolment process is unable to match the student to a user record in School Manager, or if a student is enrolled without being associated with a parent account. You can see unclaimed students on your SCP dashboard,  you can search for them in the Users section using the search filters. If you find any unclaimed students, you will need to either:


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