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We will be retiring School Community Platform (SCP) on June 30, 2023. Between now and then, we encourage you to contact Linewize Support to discuss if Linewize Community is suitable for your school.

School Community Platform (SCP) Filters allow schools to set filtering policies for devices protected by the Connect App during School Times. To use SCP Filtering, you must be a member of our Partner Schools Program, and have installed the Connect app on your students’ devices. For more information about becoming a Partner School, please contact our Support team.



Differences between School Manager and SCP Filtering

SCP is simple category-based filtering that requires the Connect application to be installed on users’ devices. The categories are predefined and can’t be customised. School Manager is far more powerful and allows you to customise your filtering rules at a granular level. School Manager can also filter any device connected to your school’s network, even if they don’t have the Connect app. 

The best case scenario is to have both School Manager and SCP filtering. SCP filtering adds a secondary layer of protection for schools and ensures that students are safe online even when they choose to hotspot from their personal devices, avoiding the school’s safe network.


Before you begin:

Before setting up SCP Filtering, please ensure you have:


Managing SCP Filters

  1. To access the Filters, navigate to Settings > Filters



  1. You can manage the following Filters:


  • Categories: General internet traffic that is categorized by our categorization engine

  • Social networks and games: Specific Social Media networks and games that are popular with students

  • Search and streaming media: Google & Bing Safe search, YouTube Restrictions and popular streaming media sites

  • Websites: Specific websites that you may want to control within categories

  • Advanced: Other features that we can filter


  1. Select the Blocked or Allowed buttons for each Category and Year Group. When students attempt to access blocked content, they are presented with a block page. If they believe they should be able to see this page, they can request access.


You can block or allow each Year Group or All Years. Changes to filtering can take up to two minutes to apply on a student’s device.



Regularly review your rules

We recommend reviewing your SCP filters at the start of each school year and term, or if your school is moving to remote or hybrid learning. 


Exclude absent students from filtering

You can mark a student as “Not at School” and they will not be filtered under the SCP policy until the next day.


Parental Overrides

While parents can’t change your school’s filtering policy, they can create a Parental Override for their children, which may override your school’s settings. Parental Overrides are generally used when a student is away from school. You can see how many students have a parental override in place from your Dashboard.


Configuring SCP for different learning environments

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