Navigating the Student List View in SCP

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We will be retiring School Community Platform (SCP) on June 30, 2023. Between now and then, we encourage you to contact Linewize Support to discuss if Linewize Community is suitable for your school.

This article is intended for IT support. 

The Student List View allows School Community Platform (SCP) users to view, sort, and manage students within their school.


Accessing the Students List

To access the student list, open School Community Platform and go to Users > Students.

Here you will see the full list of students and the following columns:

Column Heading Description
Alerts A warning icon that only appears before the student's name if there are alerts for devices associated with that student.
Name The student's full name.
Year Group The current Year Group policy being applied to the student through SCP.
Parent Status The current status of the student’s parent(s) Family Zone account.
Student Status If a student has a Student ID or External ID.
Parental Override If a student's parent has applied an override to the school settings


Student Status

On the Student Status column, there are two options:

Student Status Description
Not Enrolled The Student or External ID has not been supplied.
Enrolled The Student and/or External ID have been supplied.


Parent Status

On the Parent Status, there are five options: 

Parent Status Description
Unclaimed Students who have been activated through the Student Auto Enrolment process that Family Zone has been unable to match to a user within your SCP.
Invited The student’s parent(s) have been sent an email inviting them to complete the set up of their Family Zone account however they have yet to complete this.
Accepted The student’s parent(s) have an active Family Zone account that is opted into School Community, however, they haven't installed Connect or a Family Zone Box.
Active The student’s parent(s) have an active Family Zone account that is opted into School Community and they have installed Connect or a Family Zone Box.
Canceled The student’s parent(s) have either opted out of School Community or canceled their Family Zone subscription.


Filtering the Student List 

To filter the student list:

  1. Select the Filter icon.
  2. Select a Filter option from the first dropdown. You can select:
Filter Option Description
Has A Device Only displays the students that have a device (MAC address) linked to their account. 
Has A Parental Override Only displays the students with a Parental Override that has replaced the school filtering settings on their children’s devices by using a Quick Time Change, Routine Override or Day-Type Override.
Parent Status  Only displays the students with a specific Parent Status using the dropdown. For example, Accepted.
Student Status Only displays the students with a specific Student Status using the dropdown. For example, Enrolled.
Year Group Only displays the students from a specific Year Group using the dropdown. For example, Year 1.


  1. Select a Criteria from the second drop-down. The options will change depending on the Filter option.


  1. Select Add Filter if an additional filter is required.


You can add a maximum of five filters.


  1. Select Apply Filters to filter the student list.


  1. To clear the filters, select Clear All.


Exporting the Student List as a CSV

To export the student list as a CSV:

  1. Select the Export Icon.

  1. The CSV will automatically begin downloading.
  2. Open the CSV with your chosen software.
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