Adding Students to School Community Platform

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We will be retiring School Community Platform (SCP) on June 30, 2023. Between now and then, we encourage you to contact Linewize Support to discuss if Linewize Community is suitable for your school.

This article is for the School Community Platform (SCP) in Australia and New Zealand.

About SCP

School Community Platform (SCP) extends School Manager’s cyber safety protection on users’ devices that are not connected to the school network during school hours. With SCP, schools have a way of checking if the devices associated with students (for example, laptops and tablets used primarily for learning or personal mobile devices) are protected.

The platform also allows schools to:

  • extend their duty of care when Linewize Connect is installed on a device;

  • set school calendars, define school times and set off-network internet access;

  • monitor parent update and engagement with Family Zone tools at home;

  • report on protected student devices, risks, and compliance;

  • view any active parental overrides; and

  • apply filtering rules for students’ off-network activity or while hot-spotting at school (premium subscription).

For more information about SCP, refer to School Community Platform FAQs.


SCP must be configured for the school and customized according to the school’s requirements. If SCP is not yet configured for your school, contact your Linewize Success Manager or the Linewize Support Team.

Parents’ opt-in (if required by schools)

Some schools require parents to opt-in to Community before they can create accounts on the Family Zone Connect app. When Invite Family is selected, invitations to create accounts are sent to parents through emails containing the opt-in link.


This is particularly important in proactively engaging parents to use cyber safety tools, such as Family Zone Connect, to monitor their children’s online wellbeing.


Some schools may not require parents to opt-in. To check if opt-in is needed for your school, consult your Linewize Success Manager.

Bulk Account Creation file

Create a Bulk Account Creation (BAC) file, which contains students’ information. BAC is created initially during the training session facilitated by the Success Manager for the school.

If you need to update your SCP family data, complete the  forward it to Data files provided to will be purged from our systems in accordance with our Privacy Policy .

See Bulk Account Creation FAQs.

Family Zone Parent account

Parents need to create parent accounts to start using Family Zone Connect. See the instructions below.

Adding students to SCP

Stage 1: Send invitations to parents

These steps are intended for school IT administrators and apply to schools that require parents to opt-in.

  1. Log in to SCP and upload the BAC file containing parent data.

  2. If the school requires parents to opt-in, send the email invitations by selecting the Yes, send invitations checkbox.

Stage 2: Create a parent account

These instructions are intended for parents.

  1. If an invitation email has been received from the school, opt-in to Community by selecting the Activate My Account button.


    If the child’s school does not require parents to opt-in, proceed to the next step.


  1. Complete the Create your Family Zone Account page. Refer to Family and Parent Access Guide for information about user types.

  2. Download and install the Family Zone Connect App for Android or iOS.



Stage 3: Link a child

  1. Log in to the Family Zone Connect app.


    If logging on for the first time, the parent will be taken through the feature walk-through.

  2. On the Who will be using this device? screen, select Parent.

  3. On the Choose your plan screen, select a plan.


    While parents can choose the free subscription to link their children, advanced features and services are only available with Premium plans. See our Plans & Pricing Guide for details.

  4. On the Link your children screen, select the child(ren) to be linked on the account, then select Continue to link.
    See the guides on how to manage links to schools for more information.

  5. Select Next to start creating a profile for each child.

  6. On the Child details page, enter the child’s date of birth.


    If you are adding more than one child, you need to add each child’s birthday.

  7. Enter the name, last name, and date of birth for each child, then select Next.

  8. Set up the child’s device by following the instructions provided in the Set up your child’s devices screen. Also refer to:

  1. On the Family screen, activate the child’s device by following the prompt on the screen. Skip this step if it has been completed.


What information can parents see about their children’s online activities?

When the parent selects the child's name and then the School tab on the Family screen, they will be able to see data about:

  • their child’s location,
  • recent activities (including home activities and school activities ( if the child was claimed from School Manager)
  • access controls (routines, calendar, and Internet filters and rules),
  • apps installed in the child’s device,
  • usage, and
  • devices that the child uses or owns.

Selecting Recent Activity shows a breakdown of the child’s activities between home and school. Tapping on the School tab will display the child’s online activities at school.

Do parents need to subscribe to Family Zone Premium to view their children’s data on the Family Zone Connect App?

No. However, premium subscription allows parents to access the app’s advanced features. The free Insights subscription allows parents to monitor their children’s devices, while Family Zone Premium lets parents apply filtering policies.

See our Plans and Pricing guide for more details.

For more information, refer to School Community Platform FAQ

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