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We will be retiring School Community Platform (SCP) on June 30, 2023. Between now and then, we encourage you to contact Linewize Support to discuss if Linewize Community is suitable for your school.

This article is intended for IT support at using School Community Platform in Australia and New Zealand.

Looking for the Bulk Account Creation (BAC) template? Get it here!

What is Bulk Account Creation?

Bulk Account Creation (BAC) is part of our yearly onboarding process; specifically, the creation of Family Zone accounts for parents/guardians so that they can manage their children's devices outside of school hours. Using a few basic details provided by the school in a Bulk Account Creation file, Family Zone creates the account, then emails parents a link to a short verification process.

It also helps with activating Linewize Connect on the student's primary learning device so that students are:

  • Filtered on School Manager rules while on-network. 
  • Filtered on School Community Platform (SCP)rules while off-network during School Managed School Time.
  • Unfiltered while off-network outside of School Managed School Time, unless they have a linked parent account, in which case they will be filtered based on parent account rules.

Why should schools create accounts in bulk?

Bulk Account Creation makes it easier for parents/guardians to sign up to their Family Zone account and assists schools with parent engagement.

What information needs to be provided to Family Zone?

You will add your parent data into an Excel or CSV file with the fields listed in the table below. Here is a link to our Bulk Account Creation template to get you started.

Mandatory Information for each student 

Column Description  Example
Students First Name The student's first name John
Students Last Name The student's last name Richards
Students Date of Birth The student's date of birth 20110815
Student ID/Login This is the student's username or network login known by School Manager john.richards
Primary Guardian First Name The parent's first name (only one parent is required) Jane
Primary Guardian Last Name The parent's last name (only one parent is required) Richards
Primary Guardian Email Address The parent's email (only one parent is required) jane.richards@gmail.com

BAC Example

Here is an example of the Bulk Account Creation file containing the required information:


What’s the best way to obtain this information and forward it to Family Zone?

This information is likely to be already available and exportable from your School Information System (SIS). Whilst we can offer some guidance, it may be best to speak to your SIS provider if you would like help exporting this.

Once you have populated the Bulk Account Creation template, forward it to secure@familyzone.com. Data files provided to secure@familyzone.com will be purged from our systems in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


To ensure the privacy of your information, please do not CC anyone else on the email.

How does Family Zone protect the information supplied?

Please be assured that Family Zone takes privacy and security seriously. All information collected will be kept in the strictest confidence in accordance with our Privacy Policy (Australia and New Zealand).

I have completed and returned my template. What happens next?

  • Family Zone will review the information and advise if there are any potential issues
  • Family Zone will load the information into the School Community Platform (SCP)
  • Family Zone will advise the information is uploaded and work with you to determine a date to send the parent email. Your Success Manager will be in touch at this stage.
  • Parents/guardians will receive a single activation email from Family Zone with a link to set up their personal accounts to protect their children's devices
  • Should your parent community need any help, they can contact our Family Zone (Consumer) Support Team.

If there are any errors with the information, Family Zone will provide a report of any records it is unable to process and the reasons why.  We will then work with you to resolve any issues and resubmit the Bulk Account Creation file.

Can I specify a date for parent emails to be sent?

Yes. Family Zone will work with you to find a suitable date to send the parent email. 

What happens if the family already has a Family Zone account?

Any parents with an already active personal subscription can contact our Family Zone (Consumer) Support Team to receive a credit. They should still be included in the Bulk Account Creation file provided. 

How does a shared parenting arrangement work?

Shared Parent is a guardian or other parent with a separate Family Zone account with different monitoring rules for a Child's activity. Each child in a shared parenting arrangement will have a primary and secondary parent. The primary parent is added through the BAC process as above. Once the account has been created, a secondary parent can be added afterwards by contacting our Consumer Support Team

How does Automated Laptop Provisioning work?

Automated Laptop Provisioning is the process that allows Linewize to simplify the onboarding process for families by linking a known laptop (Mac or Windows only) to students as part of the BAC process.

When Linewize creates bulk accounts for families, we create a temporary profile that has a temporary device with the MAC Address attached for the specified user.  

When the Connect app is installed on the device, it checks with our servers every five minutes when connected to the internet.  The first time that the device checks in and the device has been loaded against a parent's account it will become active for filtering during school time as set in School Community Platform (SCP).

When the parents activate their account they will be able to set filtering rules for outside of school time. If the Automated Laptop Provisioning fails, the IT administrator or parents can still manually provision the laptop.


It doesn't matter what order the app installation and account creation process takes place. The Automated Laptop Provisioning only requires that the app is installed and the device is connected to the internet.

Got questions? Need help?

Our School Community Platform specialists are available Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm AEDT.

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