Measuring Engagement with SCP

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We will be retiring School Community Platform (SCP) on June 30, 2023. Between now and then, we encourage you to contact Linewize Support to discuss if Linewize Community is suitable for your school.

This article is intended for IT support. 

This article discusses how schools can use the School Community Platform (SCP) Dashboard to measure how many parents and students are using the Connect app. If the numbers are low, schools can create a plan to improve engagement with Connect.


Measuring Engagement in SCP

The most important step of measuring engagement is ensuring the data is correct in SCP. The student numbers in SCP need to correlate with the actual student numbers at the school. If these numbers don’t match up, you may need to invite families to activate their accounts for home use or unlink students who are no longer at the school.


Unactivated Invitations

The data that appears in the Unactivated Invitations column represents the number of parents or guardians who have yet to activate their Connect App for home use. They can be in this state for a couple of reasons:

  • They have yet to be invited to activate their account, or 
  • They have chosen not to activate their account after receiving an invitation.

If this number is high and the column is red (<15% activated), you may need to contact those parents to find out why they haven’t activated their accounts. 


Providing parents a reminder to activate their Family Zone account at the start of each term can help boost engage with the Connect app.


Unprotected Students

Students are only protected by Connect, if it is installed and activated on their primary learning device. It is possible to activate an account without activating a device. While it’s worth investigating what devices are unprotected, seeing Unprotected Students in this column isn’t always a bad thing. SCP can detect and report on school managed/owned devices, or other devices that don't go home with the student


If a parent or guardian has installed Connect onto their childrens' personal devices, and it is later removed, it will show as an unprotected device in SCP. As long as their primary learning device is protected, you can ensure the student is safe and distraction free while online at school.


Students with Unsafe Apps

The Students with Unsafe Apps column helps you see how many parents at your school have installed the Connect App on their children's personal devices, and how many unsafe apps that child has then installed on them. It shows the number of apps on Apple (iOS) or Android devices that are potentially risky to students. Risky apps contain Adult Content, Bullying, Depression, Hate Speech, Substance Abuse, Suicide, and Violence.

In your school’s context, the real value comes from seeing how many families have actually installed the Connect App onto their child's personal devices. This can indicate just how engaged parents are in their children’s online safety. It can also show you that they have taken it upon themselves to ensure all their child’s devices are protected appropriately.


Parental Overrides

Parental Overrides allow parents to perform Quick Time changes, Routine Overrides or Day-Type Overrides that replace school settings on a student's primary learning device/s. Such overrides remove the school’s ability to maintain duty of care, and the parent takes responsibility for that time period. 

If the students are away from school, this is likely a legitimate override and means their parents are engaging with the Connect tools for home. If there are students in this column, but the students are at school, it’s possible that they may have hacked their parent accounts.

We recommend that you confirm that any Parental Overrides are legitimate by checking if the students are absent from school. If a student knows their parent's pin to their Family Zone account, they set themselves to a Rest Day while they are at school, effectively enabling them to bypass the school's filtering rules while hot spotting during a school day. If you encounter this, inform the parents that their pin may have been compromised and needs to be changed.

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