Navigating the SCP Dashboard and Data Interpretation

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We will be retiring School Community Platform (SCP) on June 30, 2023. Between now and then, we encourage you to contact Linewize Support to discuss if Linewize Community is suitable for your school.

This article is intended for IT support. 

The School Community Platform (SCP) Dashboard displays the overall status of the Linewize Connect app at your school. 

On the SCP Dashboard you can see the numbers, per year group, of:

  • Families that have unactivated invitations
  • Students who are unprotected
  • Students who have unsafe apps on their devices
  • Students who have a parental override in place for that day

Schools must be signed up to School Community Platform which is available exclusively to Partner Schools.  For more information, please contact our Support team.


Unactivated Invitations

If a student is listed as having an Unactivated Invitation it means their guardians have been invited to activate Connect through the Bulk Account Creation process or the Invite Family function but have not yet activated their account. 

Unactivated invitations may be due to a number of reasons, including missing the invitations (for example, the invitations went to their spam folders), lack of information about Connect, or plain indecision.  It is important to know the reasons behind the unactivated invitations, so the school can either resend the invitations or provide more information.

The tiles will change colour depending on the percentage of students that have been activated:

  • Red: If the activation percentage is <15% 
  • Orange: If the activation percentage is <25% 
  • Green: If the activation percentage is >25%

To view the list of Unactivated Invitations:

  1. Select the Unactivated Invitation tile on the dashboard.
  2. A list of students with Unactivated Invitations will appear. You have the option to Resend Invites to their parents.


Unprotected Students

Students are only protected once Connect is activated on their devices. It is possible to activate an account without activating a device.  Students have most likely uninstalled the app from the device.

The tiles will change colour depending on the percentage of students that are unprotected:

  • Red: If the unprotected percentage is >85%
  • Orange: If the unprotected percentage is >75% 
  • Green: If the unprotected percentage is <75%

To view the list of unprotected students:

  1. Select the Unprotected Students tile on the dashboard.
  2. A list of unprotected students (for example, students with 0 Devices) will appear. Select a student from the list to show more details.
  3. If the student's device is activated, their device will appear on their account.


Students with Unsafe Apps

Unsafe Apps are apps on Apple (iOS) or Android devices that have been deemed as potentially risky to students. It also indicates the number of parents who have installed Connect to their children’s non-primary learning devices, such as personal laptops or mobile phones. These personal devices are not managed by the school.

To view the list of students with unsafe apps:

  1. Select the Students with Unsafe Apps tile on the dashboard.
  2. A list of students with unsafe apps will appear on the Apps page.
  3. Hover over an app icon to view its name, or select its icon to show more information about the app.


  1. You can view the app descriptioncyber safety ratingapp store ratingcategory, the number of installs, be able to view on the app store and see the students that have installed the app onto their device.


Students cannot install unsafe applications on school-managed devices, but they can on their own personal devices.


Parental Overrides

Parental Overrides allow parents to perform Quick Time changes, Routine Overrides or Day-Type Overrides that replace school settings on a student's device/s. Such overrides limit the school’s ability to maintain duty of care. 


We recommend checking for overrides that indicate a child is not at school. If the child is at school while their SCP profile shows otherwise, it is possible that the student knows the PIN to their parent’s account and has set the current day as “Rest Day”. 

This Parental Override setting would allow the child to access apps and sites normally blocked by your school on the device. See Marking Students as "Not At School" in SCP for more information.

To view the list of students with Parental Overrides:

  1. Select the Parental Overrides tile on the dashboard.
  2. A list of students with Parental Overrides will appear.

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