Connect Fallback Mode

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Linewize Connect’s Fallback Mode uses an embedded blocklist to ensure your students' devices have CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act) and Online Safety Act protection at all times. Fallback is active even when your students' devices are having trouble getting filtering verdicts on your school’s network or Linewize servers.

Versions of Connect that have Fallback Mode

All education versions of Linewize Connect include a default Fallback Mode:

  • Connect for Windows
  • Connect for macOS
  • Linewize Connect iOS v3
  • Connect for Chrome - Education Extension 

Fallback Mode Overview

Each version of Linewize Connect for education includes an extensive hard-coded blocklist of prohibited domains or keywords. If the user attempts to access a website while in Fallback Mode, Connect will compare the domain against the blocklist and decide whether to grant access.

Triggering Fallback Mode

Fallback Mode triggers when Linewize Connect cannot communicate with the Linewize filtering policy server/verdict server, or when a connection to it times out. This might occur when:

  • The user has a bad internet connection
  • Your school’s network is congested or having an outage
  • The user is attempting to circumvent your school’s filtering and other protections
  • The user’s name isn’t in your system or the username belongs to a different school or Linewize appliance
  • (Chrome schools only) The user’s Chrome profile cannot be matched to a School Manager username
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