Enabling Student Auto Enrolment

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This article is intended for IT administrators with SCP in Australia and New Zealand.

What is Student Auto Enrolment?

When a student logs onto your school network, Student Auto Enrolment (SAE) eases the process of getting the Connect agent or extension enrolled and activated on their device. SAE uses a School Manager login event to link the student and device to the parent's Family Zone account, removing the need for a student username and password to be entered into Connect. The enrolment is handled automatically with the School Community Platform (SCP) and avoids additional work by an IT administrator.

Student Auto Enrolment can be deployed to your entire school at the same time using a direct cutover implementation or controlled with a phased implementation with the aid of deployment software.


Student Auto Enrolment is not available for iOS devices.

Filter Behaviour

User Location Behaviour
During school hours, on-network While at school and on-network, a student will be filtered by School Manager rules. The School Manager Appliance will perform this filtering. The Connect agent will perform no filtering.
At school, off-network If a student connects to a hotspot or other Wi-Fi network during school hours after Connect is installed and enrolled, your school’s filtering policy (specified in School Community Platform) will be enforced.
Outside of school hours, any network Outside of school hours, there will be no filtering on the device if the parent has not activated their Family Zone account. A parent can opt to activate their Family Zone account, which allows them to customise the filtering restrictions.


Prerequisites for Student Auto Enrolment

To use Student Auto Enrolment, you need to ensure that:

  • Linewize Service Delivery has set up SCP for SAE and linked it to School Manager. Contact Linewize Support to begin this process or confirm that it’s been done.
  • You have a School Manager account with the Owner/Global Administrator permission.
  • The Connect agent has been deployed to the students’ Windows or macOS device. 
  • The Connect for Chrome - Community extension has been deployed to the students’  Chromebook.
  • The School Manager appliance is online and arranged in line with your school’s network.
  • School Manager is receiving authentication events from your school’s authentication service (WMI, RADIUS, Captive Portal).
  • School Manager and School Community Platform (SCP) have been linked. 
Note: Linewize Service Delivery will work with you to ensure that School Manager and School Community Platform (SCP) are configured and ready for use.

Enabling Student Auto Enrolment in School Manager

Warning: Please contact Linewize Support before enabling Student Auto Enrolment in School Manager.
  1. Sign in to School Manager using an account with Owner/Global Administrator permissions
  2. Go to Debugging > Device Options
  3. Under Agent, select Student Auto Enrolment
  4. Select SAVE

Troubleshooting Student Auto Enrolment

A student device isn’t automatically enrolling

In the event a student device is not automatically enrolled, please check the following to confirm that the user is authenticated correctly:

  1. Check the User with Who Am I

    While the student device is connected to the school network, browse to http://whoami.linewize.net (http not https). The website provides authentication information such as the user signed in to the device, IP and MAC addresses.

  2. Check the User in School Manager

    Check the student User in School Manager matches with the information displayed by Who Am I.
    1. Sign in to School Manager
    2. Go to Statistics > Realtime > Users and Hosts
    3. Enter the student’s username in the Search
    4. Ensure User matches the username shown by Who Am I

  3. Check the User in School Community Platform (SCP)

    Check the Student ID in School Community Platform (SCP) matches with the student User in School Manager.
    1. Sign in to School Community Platform (SCP)
    2. Go to Users > Students
    3. Enter the student’s username in Search
    4. Select the link for the student’s Name 
    5. Ensure Student ID matches the User shown in School Manager

  4. Check Family Zone domains are allowed

    To ensure the successful operation of Student Auto Enrolment (SAE) check the following domains and subdomains are allowed through your school’s firewall.
    •  block.tools
    • familyzone.com
    • familyzone.com.au
    • familyzone.io
    • familyzone.tools
    • familyzone.ninja
    • fzbox.tools
    • home.tools
    • work.tools
    • linewize.com
    • linewize.net
    • linewize.io
    • sphirewall.net
Note: If everything appears to be in order after doing these checks, you should contact Linewize Support for further assistance.

How do I enable Detailed Connect Logging?

Read Enabling different logging levels for Connect.


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