Automatically activate Connect for BYOD users using Student Auto Enrolment

This article is for IT support at schools using Connect for Windows or macOS.

What is Student Auto Enrolment?

When a student logs onto your school network, Student Auto Enrolment (SAE) is the process of getting the Connect agent enrolled and activated on their device. This process is an alternative to the Linewize Authentication Agent.

SAE can be advantageous in a managed or unmanaged BYOD environment as it does not require the device username to match the username in the school directory (unlike the Authentication Agent). Instead, SAE uses the School Manager login event to link the student and device to the filtering policy defined in School Manager.


Student Auto Enrolment is only available for Windows and macOS laptops.

Unmanaged BYOD macOS

We only support macOS in managed BYOD environments. We do not support unmanaged BYOD macOS environments or devices.

Prerequisites for Student Auto Enrolment

To use Student Auto Enrolment, you need to ensure that:

  • The Connect agent has been deployed to the students’ Windows or macOS devices.
  • The Linewize appliance is online and arranged in line with your school’s network.
  • School Manager is receiving authentication events from your school’s authentication service (Captive Portal or RADIUS).
  • You have the Owner/Global Administrator role in School Manager.

Enabling Student Auto Enrolment in School Manager

  1. Sign in to School Manager using an account with Owner/Global Administrator permissions
  2. Go to Debugging > Device Options.
  3. Under Agent, select Student Auto Enrolment.
  4. Select Save.

Testing Student Auto Enrolment

  1. Use a test device that has Connect installed.
  2. Connect the device to the school network and authenticate via Captive Portal or RADIUS (as configured in School Manager).
  3. Once the device is connected and authenticated, the Connect app should enrol as the authenticated user within 60 seconds.
  4. If the device won’t automatically enrol, continue with the steps outlined in Troubleshooting Student Auto Enrolment.

Troubleshooting Student Auto Enrolment

A student device isn’t automatically enrolling

You can confirm that the user has authenticated correctly by:

  1. Checking the User with Who Am I

    While the student device is connected to the school network, browse to (http not https). The website provides authentication information such as the user signed in to the device, IP and MAC addresses.

  2. Checking the User in School Manager

    Check the student User in School Manager matches the information displayed by Who Am I.
    1. Sign in to School Manager
    2. Go to Configuration > Users and Groups > Users
    3. Enter the student’s username in the Search
    4. Ensure User matches the username shown by Who Am I

  3. Checking the Authentication event in School Manager.

    Check the event was recorded in the Alert and Events page.
    1. Sign in to School Manager
    2. Go to Statistics > Realtime > Alert and Events
    3. Enter the student’s username in the Search
    4. See if the user appears in an authentication event (i.e auth.success).


If everything appears to be in order after doing these checks, contact Linewize Support for further assistance.

How do I enable Detailed Connect Logging?

You can change your logging level by following our guide to Enabling different logging levels for Connect.


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