Forcing the Connect for Chrome - Education Extension to Update

This article is intended for IT support. 

While the Connect for Chrome - Education Extension should automatically update with each new release, it is possible for a student's device to fail to update correctly, or at all, leaving them with an older version of the extension. This can happen when students have connectivity problems while the update is occurring, or if they're not connected to the internet for long periods of time. If this happens, you can manually force Chrome to update to the latest version of Connect.


If this process is done incorrectly, it can remove filtering on the student devices or prevent them from authenticating with School Manager. It is highly recommended that you do this process after school hours when the students are off-network.


Force updating the Connect for Chrome - Education Extension

  1. Sign in to with your school’s Google Admin login credentials.
  2. Go to Device > Chrome App & Extensions.
  3. Select the relevant student Organizational Unit (OU).


The users in the child OU will follow the parent OU's extension settings unless there's a difference in the child OU.


If you select the wrong OU this may result in a temporary loss of filtering protection.

  1. Select Add Chrome app or extension by ID.
  2. Enter the Extension ID cbkfffdaeimndmeghnlggaleilaefmjd
  3. Remove any search filters and you will see the Beta and Production extensions in the list.
  4. Select Force Install on the Beta extension ID beginning with cbkfffdaeimndmeghnlggaleilaefmjd
  5. Select Save.
  6. After one minute, select Block on the Production extension ID beginning with ddfbkhpmcdbciejenfcolaaiebnjcbfc
  7. Select Save again.
  8. After completing this process, student devices may receive the following notification:
    "This extension may be dangerous. The extension “Connect” was automatically disabled."
    This is normal.


It is not possible to leave both extensions installed at the same time, as this will cause double filtering and issues in Classwize.

  1. Select Force Install on the Production extension ID beginning with ddfbkhpmcdbciejenfcolaaiebnjcbfc
  2. Select Save.
  3. After one minute, select Block on the Beta extension ID beginning with cbkfffdaeimndmeghnlggaleilaefmjd
  4. Select Save again. The Chrome extension will now be updated to the latest version.


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