School Manager Teacher Modified Class Email

This article is for IT support and Classwize Classroom administrators using School Manager to automatically sync student enrollment from your third-party system into Classwize.


If you enable Classwize’s Modify Students feature, teachers can add or remove students from their Classwize classes to ensure that Classwize reflects who is present in their class. While teachers may add or remove students from their local classes to account for temporary absences or attendees, you must also update your third-party enrollment management system. 

The "Linewize - Teacher Modified Class" email lists the students a teacher has added or removed from a Classwize classroom. You can use this to investigate the teacher’s changes and, if needed, update your source of truth to reflect actual class enrollments. If there is a mismatch and you don’t update your source of truth, your teacher’s changes will be overwritten the next time School Manager syncs.

The “Linewize - Teacher Modified Class” email is sent from within 15 minutes of the changes. The email contains three brief sections:

A. Classroom details

B. Added student IDs

C. Removed student IDs


The added and removed student IDs will match the format of your third-party enrollment management system. Your users’ data may look slightly different depending on the format of your SIS (Student Information System).

Investigate the reason for the changes and, if needed, follow your school’s process for approving the enrollment changes. 

  • If the changes are only for the day, no further action is required, and the previous day’s classroom enrollment will be restored during the nightly sync
  • If the changes should be permanent, open the classroom enrollment section of your tool and update the student IDs to match your teacher’s changes.
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