School Manager Email Reports and Alerts Guide

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This article is for all School Manager users.

School Manager offers a variety of email reports and alerts to help you monitor the wellbeing of your users and to spot any changes in your users’ devices or online activities. If you would like to receive regularly scheduled emails, or alerts when a real-time event occurs, ask your IT support team or Linewize Support to set up an automated report or alert for you.

A Report email summarizes the most frequent activity for your top users over a period of time (a calendar day or week). You can ensure automated emails give you the information you need by specifying a Group. For example, school leadership or wellbeing staff can ask for the weekly summary reports to be set up to Group the year-level(s) in their duty of care.

An Alert is a real-time email sent each time a user triggers a specified Red Flag or block rule. Real-time Alerts should be set up for an individual User instead of a group. Take the scenario of a counselor asking for real-time alerts so they can provide a quick intervention to a single user. If the user is not specified in the alert, School Manager will send an email when any user assigned to the counselor triggers the alert, up to 50 emails in a 24 hour period.

Identifying Emails from School Manager

In addition to the subject lines mentioned in this guide, you will be able to find the automated emails sent from School Manager by looking at the sender’s email address.

Scheduled or Triggered Email Sender’s Email Address

Filtering Alert

Red Flag Alert

Daily Filtering Notification

Weekly Report

Weekly Wellbeing Report

Linewize Analytics (Advanced Search Reports)

School Manager Device and Network Connectivity Alarms

"Alerts Paused" Rate Limit Warning


To help you manage the automated emails, we recommend you set up an email rule to move the automated emails from School Manager to a specific folder in your mailbox.

Weekly Report 

Most useful for: School Leadership and IT Support

The Weekly Report is an email summary of your users’ online activity from Monday to Sunday of the previous week. You will see the top educational websites, all apps and websites, filtered users, and filtered websites over the past seven days from the date the report is generated.

This report is ideal for school leadership who want to monitor the utilization of your school’s education technology. This report can also help your IT support monitor the effectiveness of filtering rules and online educational systems.

This is a scheduled email from “” with the subject line “Weekly Report for (the group names or student name ) on (your device name )”.

Weekly Wellbeing Report 

Most useful for: School wellbeing staff

The Weekly Wellbeing Report is a list of the users with the highest number of Red Flags from Monday to Sunday of the previous week. 

This scheduled report is most useful to school wellbeing staff, counselors, and leadership. The email will come from “” with the subject line “Weekly Wellbeing Report for ( your device name )”.

The email groups and lists Red Flag categories of Adult Content, Adult Content Search, Offensive Content, Bullying, Hate Speech, Violence, Depression, Suicide, Substance Abuse, Devices  (unusual device activity), and VPN (bypassing filtering).

Daily Filtering Notification 

Most useful for: School leadership, school counselors and wellbeing staff

The Daily Filtering Notification is a list of the top ten blocked attempts for a rule with an Alert enabled (see image below). Each row contains a user and the web address from the previous calendar day. The user and web address with the highest number of blocked attempts will be at the top of the list.

The report is useful to wellbeing, counselors, and school leadership staff who want to monitor blocked content that is not part of the default Red Flags categories. The automated email will come from “” and have the subject line “Linewize Daily Filtering Notification”.  

Red Flag Alert 

Most useful for: School leadership, school counselors and wellbeing staff

The Red Flag Alert email is a real-time email sent each time a user attempts to access any category of Red Flag content

This email can be useful to wellbeing and school leadership who may need to quickly check on the safety of users struggling with high-priority issues like suicidal or violent behavior.

The email will come from “”. The subject line starts with “[REDFLAG ALERT]" and contains the user’s name, Red Flag category, and your School Manager device name.

Filtering Alerts

Most useful for: School leadership, school counselors and wellbeing staff

This is a real-time email sent when a user or group of users is blocked from accessing web content. 

This email is designed to help school wellbeing, counselors, teachers or leadership staff quickly follow up with users who may need guidance for issues like digital distractions.

The email is triggered when a user is blocked by a filtering rule with the “Alert” function enabled. One email will be sent for each rule triggered in a 15 minute period, even if the user is blocked multiple times by the same block rule.

The email will come from “”. The subject line starts with “[FILTER ALERT]" and contains the user’s name and your School Manager device name.

Teacher Modified Class Users

Most useful for: School administration or School Information System (SIS) administrators.

This is a real-time email containing a summary of the changes a teacher makes to the students in a Classwize synced classroom. Notifications are not sent for Local Classrooms or Monitor Only Mode changes in Classwize.

This email is meant for users with the Classroom Administrator or  Classroom Ed-Tech role to let them know a teacher has added or removed people from their classroom.The email can let them know there may be a mismatch between the master source of data (your SIS - like Google Classroom, Classlink, Wonde or other tool, and the actual enrollment in the class. 

You may need to update the enrollment in your SIS before the evening sync with School Manager to ensure the teacher’s updates will not be overwritten. If the classroom is not updated in School Manager, the teacher may have to repeat the process of adding or removing the students the next time the class runs.

The email will come from “” with a subject line “Linewize - Teacher modified class at ( class group ) on device ( your device name )”.

Device Alerts

Most useful for: School IT support

Device Alerts are real-time messages about School Manager network connectivity and system status changes. A user with Owner / Global Administrator permissions can set up this alert alert in Debugging > Diagnostics > Alarms

These alerts are primarily for IT support teams managing network connectivity. The School Manager system sends you an email when network connectivity disconnects or reconnects or a significant system activity change is detected.

This real-time email from “” with a subject line “Linewize alarm alert - alert-bridge. (your device name)”. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Red Flags and Filtering Alerts? 

Red Flags are preset, important categories of content that School Manager reports on. Filtering Alerts are optional notifications your IT support can enable on any of your school’s Block Rules. (Alerts cannot be enabled for Allow Rules.)

What time ranges are used for the data in the emails?

Periodic Reports are sent the day following the reporting period. For example, a “daily notification” will contain a summary of the previous day from 12 AM to 11:59 PM in your local time zone. A “weekly report” will contain a summary of the previous Monday 12 AM to Sunday 11:59 PM in your local time zone and be sent to you on Monday.

Realtime Reports are sent within 15 minutes or less of a user being blocked from a Red Flag or Filtering Alert event. If your users’ devices are monitored 24/7, School Manager will send triggered events any time, even in evenings and during weekends. 

How are top Red Flags identified and sorted?

Your users with red colored Red Flag categories have a total number of attempts greater than 5% of the blocked attempts amongst all of the users in School Manager. Users with highest count red indicators by category will appear at the top your Red Flag lists. You can find more information about the Red Flag icons, colors, and categories here.

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