School Manager Debugging Interface Guide

This article is intended for IT support. 

The Debugging menu provides access to information about your Linewize application and device (if applicable). It also provides access to its advanced configuration settings, system user management, and advanced troubleshooting tools.


Unless otherwise indicated, do not make configuration changes in Debugging unless instructed by Linewize Support. Changes may cause your Linewize appliance to lose connectivity.

Device Options 

The default landing page will always be the Device Options page.

Device Options

Device ID The Device's unique identifier. You cannot change this.
Device Key The unique key is an identifier that links your filtering device with the School Manager platform.
Device Name The name of the Device helps you identify devices if you switch between multiple devices. You can update the name of your school or campus with no impact to the functionality of your device.
Timezone The timezone of the Device. Don’t change this without assistance from the Linewize Support team, as it will impact the Device auto-update scheduling.


Multi-Device Management

Is Parent


You must enable the Is Parent option on the parent device before designating any child devices.

You can set this device as the Parent Device if you have multiple devices.

Parent Device


Selecting a parent device will remove the current configuration (including Users, Groups, Classrooms, and Filtering rules) and replace it with the Parent device's configuration. Contact Linewize technical support for more information about device configuration.

If you have multiple devices, you can set this device as the Child Device by linking it to a Parent Device. This will copy the Parent device’s configuration to the Child Device.


Enable Browser Extension for Chromebook Only

This function enables Connect for Chromebooks only. It is useful when a school wants to enforce the use of Connect on school Chromebooks but not affect MAC or Windows devices that the student may use.

Student Auto Enrolment

This feature will automatically enroll students with the Connect App on macOS or Windows devices at schools with 24/7 Filtering in Australia and New Zealand.
Contact Linewize Support to discuss if this feature can be used at your school.


Device Updates

The Device Updates page provides options for using different releases of School Manager that may be relevant if you’re experiencing issues or are otherwise directed by Linewize Support.


You will only see a number in the Active Version field if you have a physical Linewize appliance. If you use a School Manager cloud, the Active Version field will be blank.

Automatic updates Turn on/off Automatic updates. You may choose to turn off automatic updates during Standardized testing periods.
Update branch The update branch will determine when your School Manager updates are rolled out. Linewize support may change your branch during troubleshooting to allow your school manager to update to a newer version.
Architecture type The Processor Architecture type.
Update time window The time window automatic updates will commence.
Manual updates You can Manually update School Manager if you have a physical appliance.




You do not need to contact Linewize Support to make changes on the Permissions page.


School Manager contains sensitive information about students, teachers, staff, and your network systems. To protect your users’ privacy and security, enforce the principle of least privilege.

There are two broad types of users in School Manager: end users who access your school's network and resources and system users who can access School Manager. The Permissions page allows you to assign, edit and remove system user access in School Manager.

You can find user role details in the User Roles in School Manager article.

Add Permissions Add a person to School Manager by entering their email address.
Sort by Use the arrow buttons to sort each column by alphabetical/reverse alphabetical order.
Edit Permissions Configure the selected person’s permissions.
Delete Permissions Delete the selected person’s permissions.


School Manager will take snapshots of your configuration file (sphirewall.conf) daily in case of an outage. You can also manually take a snapshot before making major configuration changes.

Take Snapshot Manually take a snapshot of the current School Manager configuration.
Sort by

Use the arrow buttons to sort Time by chronological order or Label/Name and Account by alphabetical order.

Download Download the selected Snapshot.

Config Audit

Config Audit provides an audit trail of changes in School Manager and Classwize. You can view specific change instances and roll them back if required. The State of a change depends on the type of School Manager installation.


There is no confirmation window for the Rollback button. If you click it, it will process immediately.


Use the Rollback operation very carefully or only as directed by Linewize Support. Using a Rollback on a change does not only revert that change but every subsequent change.

Search Config Audit

Use the search function to filter changes by specific users, the scope, or version number.


A physical School Manager will display a tick when the change has been processed and an exclamation mark if the change is still processing.
If the tick does not show after a period of time, this can indicate an issue with the change or an issue synchronizing the change to the Linewize appliance.
Cloud School Manager instances will only show exclamation marks for status, but all changes will be processed immediately as there is no appliance to sync with.

Sort By Use the arrow buttons to sort Time and Version by chronological order or User, Scope by alphabetical order.
Show Changes

Opens a pop-up showing the specific change in that instance.

Rollback Reverts all changes up to and including the selected change.



Do not change any settings in the Diagnostics menu unless instructed by Linewize Support. Changes to the Diagnostics section can cause School Manager to lose connectivity.

The Diagnostics section provides tools for troubleshooting a Linewize device. If any issue occurs in the system, the details captured on the Diagnostics page will help the Linewize support technician quickly diagnose School Manager or Classwize issues.

School Manager can set up Device Alerts for your network administrators when there is an issue with the system or network connectivity.

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