Managing Users and Permissions School Manager

This article is for IT support.

The Permissions page allows you to set up new School Manager users and to use Roles to grant access to sets of functions. You must have an Owner/Global Administrator role to add users and change permissions.

Assigning Roles to Users

The Debugging > Permissions in School Manager contains the following:




The user's email address, lower-case (case-sensitive).


The role(s) assigned to the user.


The student or staff Users this account can view. For example, a wellbeing staff member’s access may be limited to specific students and teachers.


The student or staff groups this account can view. For example,  administrative staff responsible for reporting may be limited to specific year groups or student groups.


The functions to edit user details or delete the user.


School Manager contains sensitive information about students, teachers, staff, and your network systems. To protect your users’ privacy and security, enforce the principle of least privilege.

  • Don’t use generic or shared accounts and email addresses.
  • Email addresses should be entered in lower-case.
  • Educate your School Manager users on password hygiene and best practices.
  • Maintain the principles of least privilege (PoLP) by only giving access to users who need access and only give visibility to the users/groups they need.
  • Keep your users up to date with your school’s privacy, cyber safety, and acceptable use policies.

Creating a New User

  1. Go to Debugging > Permissions.
  2. Click Add Permissions.
  3. Type the new user's email address in lowercase.


The user’s email address cannot be changed after the account is created. If you entered an incorrect email address for the user, delete the user, and create a new user with the correct address. 

Assigning Roles to a User

You need to select a role or roles which give the minimum access this user needs to perform their work. See Roles to identify the best role(s) for your new user. 

  1. Find the user in the Account list.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Select the appropriate roles for this user using the dropdown list in Edit Permission.
  4. Select Save.


Combining Roles - Users can be assigned up to three roles if a single role does not allow the minimum access to the School Manager functions they need.

Limiting Reporting/Pastoral Care Administrator Access

You can configure users with the Reporting/Pastoral Care Administrator role to only access information from specific users or groups.


Keep it simple. If you are limiting access to more than one user, group, or a combination of both, create a new Group.

To limit a user’s access:

  1. Find the user in the Permissions Account list.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Select Reporting/Pastoral Care Administrator from the Roles dropdown list on the Edit Permission dialogue.
    1. To limit access to specific users, select the user(s) from the Users dropdown list.
    2. To limit access to specific groups, select the relevant groups from the Group drop-down list. Groups are created and managed in Configuration > Users and Groups.
  4. Select Save.

Editing and Removing Permissions

User permissions can be changed or removed at any time:

  • To change a user’s role(s), select Edit, and then make the required changes on the Edit Permissions dialog box.
  • To delete the user, select Delete, then select Delete again on the confirmation.

School Manager has a number of roles to grant access to groups of features, functions, and data in School Manager. Users can be given multiple roles to allow access to a combination of functions. Additionally, schools using Classwize may wish to assign School Manager roles to teachers and staff responsible for managing users, groups, devices, and filtering policies in classrooms. 


Will Reporting/Pastoral Care Administrators see other users or groups if I give them another role?

No. If you give a Reporting/Pastoral Care Administrator an additional role with access to Statistics or Cyber Security items, the Reporting/Pastoral Care Administrator will be able to see all users' information. For this reason, we don’t recommend giving Reporting/Pastoral Care Administrator users any additional roles in School Manager.

How do I reset a user’s School Manager password?

You can’t reset users’ School Manager passwords. A user can use the “Forgot password” option in the login window to reset their password. If the user is unable to reset their password, you can delete and recreate their account. They will be prompted to create a new password. If they have any additional issues, please contact Linewize Support.

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