Scheduling Advanced Search Reports

This article is for IT support and reporting staff.

You can send Advanced Search reports by email or upload files to a secure file server on a recurring schedule. 

Before you start

  1. If you are using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) instead of email, you will need:
    • The login credentials for an account with access to save files
    • The server’s preferred key exchange algorithm, if your server uses a key-exchange protocol
  2. In the Date field, you will need to create a Report that uses a Preset date range. Preset date ranges  ensure the automated reports contain results relative to the date the report is generated.


Do not use a Custom date, because this will set your report to an exact date range and send the same report every time.

If the Preset date ranges don’t fit your needs, you can select More to see additional relative date ranges.

You are limited to selecting a maximum of three months of data at a time due to the volume of data that needs to be processed. If the Advanced Search displays an error message, select a shorter date range.

Creating a new scheduled report

  1. Select the dashboard actions icon > Scheduled delivery.
  2. If there are existing scheduled reports in your Advanced Search, select New. If this is the first time this report has been scheduled, the Schedule Settings window will open (see the next step).
  3. Select Email or SFTP in Destination. If you selected Email, type the recipient’s Email address and press the enter key.

You can add or remove email recipients:

    1. Type another email address and press the enter key to include other recipients.
    2. Click the X to remove an email address.
    3. If you selected SFTP, type your Secure File Transfer Protocol Server address with the leading “sftp://”.
    4. Type the Username and Password that has access to send files to the server. If you use a cryptographic key, select the type from the Preferred key exchange algorithm list.
    5. Select PDF, CSV zip file or PNG visualization in Format.
    6. Select Save.


We recommend you test a new scheduled report using your email before entering other recipient’s email addresses by selecting Test now.

The Test now button sends the current report to the recipient's Email address or SFTP Destination. After you are happy with the test report, replace your email address with the final recipient’s email address.

Scheduled report options

You have the flexibility to schedule how frequently, what format, and where your reports are delivered. If you need to refine the search criteria, you can update the search from within the schedule. Depending on the format you choose, you can ensure the data, tables, and charts fit the recipients’ needs.






A. Recurrence, Day, and Time

Set how frequently you want the report to be generated and what time of day.

B. Destination

Choose to send the report to an email address or to a SFTP destination.

C. Address

Enter the email address or the SFTP location with username, password, and security algorithm.

D. Format

Choose from any of three formats:

  • Comma Separated Values (CSV) - the raw data without graphs in a text format you can import into a spreadsheet application
  • PDF - the graphs and tables in a multiple page printable format (you can specify paper orientation and size)
  • PNG visualization - all the graphs and tables captured in a single, long image (with no page breaks)



The Filters tab allows you to edit the Advanced Search fields for this scheduled report. The filter options vary for each report. For example, you may want to add a Group filter or change the preset date range in a saved scheduled report.

Advanced options

You can make the scheduled report file more useful to your email recipient by configuring the Advanced options. The options will vary depending on the Format you selected in Settings

Choose the Advanced options to fit the amount of data in the report and the format of the attached file using the following recommendations. We recommend you send a Test copy of the email to yourself to ensure the data in the charts and tables is readable.

  CSV zip file PDF PNG Visualization
Custom Message

A text field available when Email is selected in Destination. Add a text explanation to the person receiving the scheduled report.
Yes Yes Yes
Include links

Converts web addresses and email addresses in the data into links. 
Yes Yes Yes

Choose to keep the custom labels and formatting by selecting “With visualizations options applied” or get the original data labels and data formats by selecting “As displayed in the data table”

Choose “Formatted” to see leading or trailing characters and calculated values such as GB instead of bytes. Select “Unformatted (no rounding)” to get the data in the raw format it has been stored in School Manager.
Expand table to show all rows 

Allows long, on-screen tables to break across multiple pages. The table width and font size will be scaled down to fit all columns.

We recommend you use the CSV zip file format instead of a PDF if your data has more than 10 columns because the text will be too small to read and text in columns may be truncated.
Arrange dashboard tiles in a single column

Displays charts or tables one after the other, instead of displaying tiles side-by-side. The layout allows the charts and text to be larger and easier to read.
  Yes Yes
Paper size and orientation 

Switch paper sizes between portrait or landscape.
Delivery timezone 

Changes the hours displayed in the report to a different timezone.
Yes Yes Yes


Editing scheduled reports

  1. Select the dashboard actions icon > Scheduled delivery.
  2. Select the more options iconand then select:
    • Edit to update the Scheduled report
    • Duplicate to copy the Scheduled report and edit the user or schedule criteria
    • Delete to permanently remove the Scheduled report from your system
  3. If you Edit or Duplicate a Scheduled report, you can select and edit the SettingsFilters, and Advanced Options.
  4. After you complete your changes, select Save.
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