Activity and Compliance Guide

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This guide is for school administration and wellbeing staff.

The Activity and Compliance Report provides an overview of users' compliance to expected network use and compares data between expected and actual traffic to websites, applications, and search engines. 

To access the Activity and Compliance Reports, go to Cyber Safety > Activity and Compliance.


The Activity and Compliance Report requires your IT support to enable MITM and HTTPS Inspection.

A. Group selector Your IT support can assign Groups to you. You can switch between Groups by selecting the current group.
B. Expected The ratio of up to ten Categories of activity users in this Group would be accessing.
C. Actual The ratio of up to ten Categories or websites your users accessed within this time period.
D. Username The ten users in the currently selected Group who have the highest count of blocked activity during this time period.
E. Percent of Group The percent of their total activity that has been blocked.
F. Visual ratio

A red bar indicates that a student only has 30% of the Expected ratio of activity.  
A blue bar indicates that  a student has at least 70% of the Expected ratio of activity.

No bar will be shown if the student matches the Expected ratio of activity (0% variance).

Expected Traffic

The expected network traffic is shown in the Expected chart, which provides a distribution of web and app categories that the school expects students to visit.   

Editing the Expected Traffic Chart

Administrators can revise a school's expected traffic based on available information about students’ online activities and school requirements. 

  1. On the Expected chart area, click EDIT. 
  2. On the Edit Expectations form, select a category from the CATEGORY drop-down list.
    Optional: Enter the category in the Category field. 
  3. On the Max Percentage field, enter the COMPLIANCE percentage (numbers only).
  4. If you are adding another expectation, click ADD EXPECTATION, and then repeat steps 1 to 3.
  5. Click UPDATE to save the new chart. 


The total of all expectations should not exceed 100%. If the total is about to exceed 100%, delete an expectation, and then create a new one with a lower percentage.

Your total expectations can be below 100%. Any remaining percentage will be displayed as "unallocated".

Students may use the network differently and access sites and applications that do not fall into the categories set in the Expected chart. Unless these sites and apps are blocked in School Manager, they will be available to students.  

Refer to Filtering Using Categories and Signatures for more information.

Actual Traffic

Actual network traffic is represented by the Actual chart and shows "real-life" network activities. It is suggestive of students’ preferred websites and applications for learning and other purposes and may also show potential attempts to work around network security measures.

You can click on items in the legend to hide the activity from the chart. The percentages of the active items and the chart will update. The hidden Category will be displayed in gray. The original percentage of a hidden Category is visible as a reference only, but does not impact the updated ratio.

Investigating a Student's Activities

To better understand the Activity and Compliance report, it helps to review a student's top traffic types. The Top Traffic Types lists the 10  most visited sites or apps by each student.

You can click on a student in the list to go to their User Dashboard. You can use the details of their activity in their Top Traffic Types to plan how you might support this student. 

You may notice students with lower levels of compliance also have Red Flags. The Compliance report assseses the the ratio of all traffic, including blocked and Red Flag traffic when calculating a user's compliance.

Refer to Red Flags and Alerts Guide for more information.

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