Creating Temporary Sessions in School Manager

This article is intended for IT support. 

A Temporary Session gives a user temporary access to the network. Temporary sessions are helpful when active users need to connect their unauthenticated devices, such as BYODs, to the school network. For more information, see our Realtime Connections guide.

You can create a temporary session from the Realtime and Users and Groups sections.

Creating sessions via Realtime

  1. In School Manager, go to Statistics > Realtime > Users and Hosts.
  2. Locate the user by entering their IP address or username on the Search bar.
  3. On the Operations column, select Create Session. The Create Temporary Session dialog will appear.
  4. Select the user’s username.
  5. Select Create Session.


Creating sessions via Configuration

  1. Go to Configuration > Users and Groups > Users.
  2. Select the user’s corresponding key icon in the Operations column.
  3. On the Create Temporary Session dialog, enter a valid IP address for the user.


The IP address must be the private IP address of the user trying to connect to the network.

  1. Select Create Session.



What is the duration of a temporary session?  

A temporary session’s duration depends on the user’s timeout settings, which you can configure in Configuration > Timeouts. You can also contact Linewize Support to help you set up the Default Idle Timeout flag, which logs out the user if their device is idle after a certain period.

Can I end the session before the duration ends?

You can end the session by going to Realtime > Users and Hosts and selecting Remove Session for the user.

Do filtering rules apply during temporary sessions?

Filtering rules apply when users connect to the school network on temporary sessions. When you create a temporary session for a specific user, you’re telling School Manager to authenticate their device and apply the same filtering rules for the user as they would get on their normally authenticated device.

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