Switching to another Linewize Appliance

This article is for all School Manager users.

If your school or district has multiple campuses, you can switch between devices to access users, reports, and configurations for a specific campus.

Schools with Multiple Linewize Appliances

When School Manager is set up, your Linewize Deployment team links the Linewize appliances on your campuses to your School Manager platform. Your device connects to your school's network infrastructure to allow monitoring and filtering. All individual devices for your school or campus can be managed from within School Manager.


Ensure you have the correct Linewize appliance selected before making any changes.

Switching to Another Device

  1. Select the menu icon (three vertical dots) at the top-left of your window.
  2. Select Switch Device.
  3. In Devices, select the Name of another device.
  4. School Manager will display the Dashboard for the device. 


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