Integrating Clever

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Parents and Guardians

In this article we use the term parent to include guardians and other legal custodians. Linewize will not arbitrate disputes between parents.

You can automatically sync and authenticate your students, teachers, parents and classrooms from Clever into School Manager.


Clever automatically syncs with School Manager twice-weekly based on the device's region. The syncs occur on Tuesday and Friday nights in your region.

  • US/NZ region: syncs start at 6 PM US Central Time (UTC-5).
  • AU region: syncs start at 6 PM Australian Western Standard Time (UTC+8).
  • UK region: syncs start at 6 PM UTC.

A device's sync may start any time between 6 PM in that region to 24 hours later, depending on previous sync times from other devices. You can manually run a sync if you need to propagate changes before the automatic sync period.

Before you begin:

  1. You will need your Clever District admin login credentials.
  2. Assign a user role (Parent/Guardian, Family, Emergency, Other) and add an email address to each parent. Without these, the parent will not sync with School Manager and won’t have access to Linewize Community/Qustodio.
  3. Allow sufficient time for the sync to complete. Clever syncs may take longer than expected, with some taking four hours or more to finish. We recommend scheduling the sync outside of school hours to prevent disruptions.

Integrating Clever

  1. Go to Configuration > Authentication > Clever in School Manager.
  2. Select Enabled.
  3. Select Log in with Clever.
    The Clever Log in page will be displayed.
  4. Log in with your Clever credentials. Verify your District ID is correct.
  5. Next, identify the school you want to sync by one of the following methods:
    1. Searching for your School name
    2. Using Clever Badge log in
    3. Using your District admin log in

  1. Select the options you need to manage your users:
Option Description
Sync Classroom Data

This syncs the classroom data and classroom relationships with our systems. Sync Classroom Data is turned on by default.

Force Unique Class Names

The internal ID and a unique name using the name of the class will be imported from Clever to ensure no classes have the same name.

For example, if a class in Clever has the name Classroom1 and has an internal ID 12345, enabling this checkbox will import the class as Classroom1 - 12345 in School Manager.

Sync Parent Data This syncs the parent contact details and their relationship (Parent/Guardian, Family, Emergency, Other) with the students with our systems.
Select the role types you want to sync as parents with School Manager.
  1. Select Run Sync.
  2. Once the sync is complete, a Sync Status summary will be displayed in School Manager.


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