School Manager Agent Installation and Uninstallation

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This article is intended for IT support. 

The School Manager authentication agent is an independent service that can be installed onto Windows and macOS devices to notify School Manager appliances in real time of user authentication changes, such as who’s signed into a device.

The authentication agent allows schools to apply filtering policies to students based on their domain credentials. The agent supports sending login notifications to multiple School Manager appliances, which assists multi-campus schools where a single device may be used on multiple networks.

Bulk Installation

Windows and Mac

We recommend using Mobile device management (MDM) software to distribute the authentication agent supplied by Linewize.

For Windows: Add the .msi file to your chosen MDM platform.

For Mac: Add the .pkg file to your chosen MDM platform.

Manual Installation

Windows and Mac

  1. Copy the .msi (Windows) or .pkg (Mac) file supplied to you by Linewize to your chosen device


The agent/s follow the below naming convention:

  • auth_agent.school_manager_id.msi
  • auth_agent.school_manager_id.pkg
  1. Double-click the installer or run the following commands to install in the background silently.
    • Windows: <msi-installer-directory> msiexec.exe /i auth_agent.school_manager_id.msi  /quiet
    • Mac: sudo installer -pkg auth_agent.school_manager_id.pkg -target /

Manual Uninstallation

Windows and Mac

  1. Run the following commands to uninstall the agent.
    • Windows: wmic product where name="School Manager - Authentication Agent" call uninstall /nointeractive
    • Mac: sudo /opt/FamilyZone/AuthenticationAgent/bin/fc-authentication-agent_darwin-amd64 --service uninstall

Troubleshoot the Authentication Agent

I don’t have MDM software. How do I bulk install or uninstall the authentication agent?

There is currently no easy way to bulk install or uninstall the authentication agent without MDM software. You will need to install it on each device manually.

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