Merging Identities in School Manager

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Unified Identity (Merged Identities) allows schools and districts with multiple directories, such as Google, LDAP, and Azure, to merge their users into a single School Manager account using the email addresses as the unique identifier. Once the accounts are merged, any duplicates are archived in School Manager.


All directories must have the same user email addresses for the merge to be successful.


If you use both LDAP and WMI Authentication, contact Linewize Support before attempting a merge.

  1. Go to Configuration > Authentication > Advanced Configuration. 
  2. Tick Enabled. 
  3. Select Merge To using the dropdown. You can select from LDAP, Google or Azure. All other directories will be merged into this selection, making it the source of truth for user identity in School Manager.
  4. Select Merge Key using the dropdown. You can select either email (for example, or email without a domain (for example, first.last).
  5. You can select other sync options such as:
Option Description
Use Lowercase All data imported in lowercase
CMS Batch Update Enable this checkbox if you've already Merged Identities in the past. The sync service will only save and merge new users.
Enable Community Connect Allows parents to connect to their children using Qustodio. Commonly used with 24x7 School Manager.
  1. Select Save.
  2. Select Trigger Merge. This may take up to 5 minutes to merge depending on the size of your directories.
  3. Once the merge is complete, your accounts will be merged. 


I clicked on Trigger Merge, but I don’t see a loading screen

You will not see a loading screen when merging. If nothing happens after a few minutes, refresh the page and go to Configuration > Users and Groups > Users to see if the merge has occurred. If the merge was successful, you will see users from the “Merged From” directory have been Archived.

The merge isn’t working

If the merge hasn't worked, ensure the email addresses in your directories are the same. If they don’t match, you will need to update them and Trigger Merge again. If you’re still having trouble, contact Linewize Support.

Where can I see the duplicate users?

  1. Go to Configuration > Users and Groups > Users.
  2. Sort by Status to show all the Archived users.
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