Integrating OneRoster

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Parents and Guardians

In this article we use the term parent to include guardians and other legal custodians. Linewize will not arbitrate disputes between parents.

You can integrate your OneRoster Student Information System (SIS) with School Manager to automatically sync and authenticate your students, teachers, parents and classrooms.


OneRoster automatically syncs with School Manager twice weekly and is scheduled on Tuesday and Friday nights in your region.

  • US/NZ region: syncs start at 6:00 PM US Central Time (UTC-5).
  • AU region: syncs start at 6:00 PM Australian Western Standard Time (UTC+8).
  • UK region: syncs start at 6:00 PM UTC.

A device's sync may start any time between 6 PM in that region to 24 hours later, depending on previous sync times from other devices. You can manually run a Sync (Configuration > Authentication > SIS Integration) if you need to propagate changes before the automatic sync period.


School Manager does not support SIS-only sync of user data. User data must come from a directory service such as LDAP, Azure or Google. Once users exist, SIS data can be added against the users.

Before you begin

  1. Note your OneRoster Endpoint URL, Client ID, and Client Secret.
  2. Ensure the email addresses for your users in School Manager match the email address for your users in OneRoster.
  3. Assign a user role (Guardian, Parent, Relative) and add an email address for each parent. Without these, the parent will not sync with School Manager and won’t have access to Linewize Community or Qustodio.
  4. Allow sufficient time for the sync to complete. OneRoster syncs may take longer than expected, with some taking up to four hours to finish. We recommend scheduling the sync outside of school hours to prevent disruptions.

Integrating OneRoster


Syncing Parent Data from PowerSchool into School Manager is unavailable. 

  1. Go to Configuration > Authentication > SIS Integration.
  2. Select Add New.
  3. Select OneRoster. The Add OneRoster Sync dialog will appear.
  4. Select a SIS from the Which SIS would you like to integrate? dropdown. Available options are PowerSchool, Ellucian, eSchoolPlus, Illuminate Education, and Unit4.
  5. Enter a Name for the OneRoster integration.
  6. Enter the Endpoint URL. This is the URL of the root of the OneRoster server. Read OneRoster Endpoints for more information.
  7. [Optional] Enter the OAuth2 Token URL. This token is found in your SIS.
  8. Enter the Client ID. This is the username that can be found in your SIS.
  9. Enter the Client Secret. This is your password that can be found in your SIS.
  10. [Optional] Sync Classroom Data is turned on by default. Only turn off Sync Classroom Data if you do not want to sync classrooms and classroom relationships.
  11. [Optional] Select Respect Enrolment Date to only sync current student data (excludes any previous students that have already left the school). If you don’t select this option, all existing student data will be synced.
  12. [Optional] Select Respect Academic Sessions to only sync current classroom data. Academic sessions are classrooms that belong to the current term, semester, or school year.
  13. [Optional] Select Sync Parent Data if you wish to sync parent data. This syncs the parent contact details and their relationship with the students with our systems.
    • Select a Relationship Type from the dropdown. Available options are Parent, Relative, and Guardian.
  14. Select Submit. The OneRoster integration will appear in the list.
  15. Select Sync.
  16. The Sync Details will show whether the sync was successful or failed.
  17. To see the sync detail, select View Log.

The Sync Details will appear:

  • A successful sync will display the number of Unmatched Users, Matched Students, Matched Teachers, and Imported Classes.
  • A partial sync will display an error message advising why the sync was only partially successful. Please contact Linewize Support with the error code for help.
  • A failed sync will display an error code. Please contact Linewize Support with the error code for help.
  1. Sync may fail or partially sync if you have multiple schools in your SIS if some of the schools in your SIS have incomplete datasets. You can select Exclude Schools to remove those schools from the sync.
  2. Select a school to move it between Included Schools and Excluded Schools lists. All schools are on the Included Schools list by default.
  3. Select Submit.


If you have unmatched users, ensure the email address for the users in School Manager matches the email address for the users in OneRoster. If you are still having issues, contact Linewize Support.

Resetting the integration

Resetting clears the last sync date stored in the database, making it appear as if it has never been synced, but it does not remove synced data.

  1. To do a complete sync reset, select Reset.
  2. A confirmation window will appear. Select the I Understand checkbox and select Yes, Reset.

Editing the integration

  1. To edit the details, select Edit.
  2. The Edit OneRoster Sync dialog will appear to edit the details, when complete select Submit.


You will need to sync again after editing the details.

Deleting the integration


Deleting the integration will not remove the students, teachers, or classrooms from School Manager. Users can still log in and use the school's network, but any updates to the users and groups within the SIS will not synchronize with School Manager.

  1. To delete the integration, select Delete.
  2. A confirmation window will appear. Select I Understand checkbox and select Yes, Delete.


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