Connect for macOS Release Notes


The latest version of Connect will be available on the GA date from:
School Manager > Configuration > Agent Downloads.


Connect for macOS 3.6.5 (July 2024)

Beta: 10th July | EA: 15th July | GA: 18th - 23rd July 2024

What's New

  • We decreased the installer size by approximately 40 MB, ensuring a faster and more efficient download and installation process.

  • We enhanced performance and readability by removing unnecessary data from reports.

  • We reduced polling frequency to improve system performance and reduce network load.


Older Release Notes (2023)

Older Release Notes (2023)

Connect for macOS 3.6.4 (December 2023)

GA: 11th December 2023

What's New

  • We resolved an issue where signatures were refreshed by the Connect agent every 30 seconds. Now the Connect agent will only refresh if the signature list has changed.


Connect for macOS 3.6.3 (November 2023)

GA: 21st November 2023

What's New

  • We’ve improved Classwize Focus on multiple URLs.
  • We resolved an issue where the Connect agent sent incorrect data to School Manager for search keyword reporting.
  • We implemented other bug fixes and improvements.


Discontinuing support for Connect for macOS v2 and Catalina OS (February 2023)

GA: 28th September 2023


  • We are discontinuing support for Connect for macOS v2 and Catalina OS. Connect for macOS v3 has been available for the past 24 months and is currently installed on 97% of all macOS devices. There have been no updates to macOS v2 for over a year.

  • We strongly recommend that all customers transition to Connect for macOS v3 as we will not be supporting macOS v2 and any users using Catalina OS and below. To transition to v3, you must set up a new MDM profile and follow several crucial steps outlined in our Deploying Linewize Connect for macOS v3+ guide. Please contact Linewize support if you need assistance.

  • Refer to the Linewize Connect Minimum System Requirements guide to get an overview of the minimum system requirements necessary for running Linewize Connect.


Connect for macOS 3.6.2 (July 2023)

GA: 17th July 2023

What's New

  • We made changes to stop the app from communicating with deprecated APIs.
  • We improved how our agent checks in for updates. This will prevent crashing on devices with low bandwidth.
  • We fixed the way Classwize handles verdict caches.
  • We improved the way the agent outputs log files.


Connect for macOS 3.6.1 (January 2023)

GA: 30th January 2023

What's New

  • We have optimized some of our plugins that have a retry cycle to ensure we are not putting too much on load on other services.
  • We resolved an issue where Connect for macOS failed to load MAC addresses, which was blocking the app’s initialization process.
  • We also have made performance improvements to our core service.


Older Release Notes (2022)

Older Release Notes (2022)

Connect for macOS 3.6.0 (September 2022)

GA: 29th September 2022

What's New

  • We added Live View. Teachers using Classwize can now live view the student's screen when they’re using macOS. This will be released and launched by the Classroom Product team.
  • Upgrades to the agent filter to improve performance and stability.
  • We improved the enrolment process.
  • We resolved some minor defects.


Connect for macOS 3.5.1 (March 2022)

GA: 2nd March 2022

What's New

  • We addressed the introduction of DNS proxy into proxy mode filtering
  • We have updated log4j to version 2.17.1.


Connect for macOS 3.5.0 (February 2022)

What's New

  • We added support for an upcoming feature that will enable you to prevent students from accessing personal google accounts while permitting access to your school’s Google domain.
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