View Red Flags alerts in context

This article is for School Leadership and Wellbeing Staff.

Viewing Red Flag alerts in context helps give you more information about the student’s behaviour when they trigger a Red Flag alert. The View in Context feature displays events that occurred within an hour of the Red Flag to help you investigate the student’s activity during that period.

Context Mode

When you’ve found the Red Flag alert you want to investigate, you can select View to open Context Mode.

View in Context.pngImage 1: View in Context Mode from the Search History page.

Context Mode.png

Image 2: Viewing a Red Flag alert in Context Mode.


To use other User Journey features, select Exit view in context mode to show the student’s connections for the selected day.



A. Search

Type any search expression to filter the list of connections within the one hour window of the Red Flag alert.

B. Export Report

Export all connection data within the one hour window of the Red Flag alert to a PDF or CSV file. You can add a comment to the report to give context to the report.

C. Sort by Timestamp

Sort connections by time.

D. Sort by Result

Sort connections by whether the connection was Allowed or Blocked.

E. Sort by Category

Sort connections by the category for the website that was accessed.

F. Sort by Activity

Sort connections by the website accessed or the search term used.

G. Sort by Type

Sort connections by the type of activity. Web means the user clicked on a link, and Search means the user entered the search phrase into a search bar.

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