Deploying Qustodio for Parental Controls

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Student Windows Devices

When you turn on Parental Controls in School Manager, the Connect for Windows application installs the Qustodio application on your students' devices. This happens once the parents create an account or accept Parental Controls if they already have an account.

This article explains how to deploy Qustodio to school-managed Chromebooks. Parental Controls gives parents control and visibility over their children’s school-managed devices outside of school hours.

Before you start

You will need Administrator-level access to your school's Google Workspace.

Deploying Qustodio to Chromebooks

  1. Sign in to Google Admin Console.
  2. Select Devices > Chrome > Apps & extensions > Users & browsers.
  3. Select the organizational unit for the group of Students you want to deploy Qustodio to.
  4. Hover over the yellow + icon.
  5. Select Add Chrome app or extension by ID.
  6. Select From a Custom URL in the dropdown menu.
  7. Copy the Extension ID
    and paste it into the Extension ID section of your Google Admin page.
  8. Copy the Download URL
    and paste it into the URL section on your Google Admin page.
  9. Select Save.
  10. On the next screen, select Force install + pin from the Installation policy dropdown list.
  11. On the Update URL section change the setting Installation URL.
  12. Select Save at the top right corner.
  13. Configure the Parental Control settings inside School Manager.
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