SphireOS 263.14 Release Notes


  • We fixed an issue where SphireOS was periodically blocking outbound VPN connections for some appliances.
  • We have added a new Performance metric, sysctl.net.netfilter.nf_conntrack_count, to track the total number of conntracks.
  • We resolved an issue where rebooting a Linewize appliance via the config wizard would result in an error.
  • We fixed an issue where SphireOS was dropping connections to a Linewize service, which caused problems for the Qustodio app when attempting to detect if it was on a Cloud Safe Network.

Release timeline


All Regions: 4th April 2024

Early Access:

All Regions: 9th April 2024

General Availability:

All Regions: 16th April 2024

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