Connect for Chrome - Education 2.3.2 Release Notes


On Chromebooks:

  • Empty Chrome tabs now upload a static image on the student tile.
    • When classes start, any student with a Chrome tab open will immediately show activity on the student tile. The active tab may be blank, but the background tabs will also show, providing full visibility of student activity.

  • Student tiles no longer timeout, resulting in less “Waiting on Student Activity”.
    • During an active class, when students open any tab, including empty Chrome tabs (for example, chrome://newtab), the student tile will remain active and show activity, no longer timing out and reverting to “waiting on student activity.”

  • Popups within websites will now display on the student tile and in Live View.
    • If Chrome opens a pop-up that is the active tab on a user’s device, Classwize displays it on the user’s tile and Live View as a separate tab.


Release timeline

Beta Access:

All Regions: 12th February 2024

Early Access:

All Regions: 13th February 2024

General Availability:

All Regions: Phased rollout from 14th February 2024 to 20th February 2024.

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