Connect for Chrome - Education 2.3.0 Release Notes


  • We improved Classwize Focus functionality for a smoother experience.
    • When a teacher creates a Focus, the new tab opens on a student's device only if a student does not already have the tab with that Focus open.
    • When a tab matches the Focus URL or domain, the tab is left open.
    • When a Focus ends, the Focus tabs open and restore only the closed ones (those that closed when the Focus started).
    • When a Focus ends, all blocked page tabs are closed.
    • If the student closes all Focus tabs that match a Focus domain and then a teacher edits the Focus by adding or removing a URL or domain, the Focus will be updated on the student's device.
  • We fixed Safe Guard blocking, allowing access to public Wi-Fi.
  • We improved the way we store and send connections in the Connect extension.


Release timeline

Expected Launch:

All Regions: Phased rollout commencing on 12 December 2023 to 21 December 2023.


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