Connect for Chrome - Education 2.2.4 Release Notes


  • Connection reports now show the Serial Number of Chromebooks. You can find the Serial Numbers of Chromebooks in the Machine Name field in Advanced Connection reports.
  • We have resolved an issue of Classwize duplicating tabs upon unpausing. Pausing and unpausing students in Classwize should now function as expected, with no duplicate tabs opening on unpause.
  • Fixes have been implemented in Classwize to enhance the Focus functionality. Using Focus in Classwize will no longer result in the opening of duplicate tabs with the same URL. When you end focus, it will only reopen the initial tabs that were present when the focus started.

Release timeline

Expected Launch:

  • All Regions - Phased rollout commencing on 13th November 2023.

5% Rollout:

  • All Regions - Starting from 14th November 2023, the rollout will be accessible to 5% of Linewize customers.

10% to 100% Rollout:

  • All Regions - Access will continue to increase periodically from 20th November to 30th November, reaching 100% access by the end of this period.

Please follow our maintenance updates at

Downloading the new version

The latest version of Connect will be available from the 13th November 2023 from School Manager > Configuration > Agent Downloads or from

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