Discontinuing support for Connect for macOS v2 and Catalina OS


We are discontinuing support for Connect for macOS v2 and Catalina OS. Connect for macOS v3 has been available for the past 24 months and is currently installed on 97% of all macOS devices. There have been no updates to macOS v2 for over a year.

We strongly recommend that all customers transition to Connect for macOS v3 as we will not be supporting macOS v2 and any users using Catalina OS and below. To transition to v3, you must set up a new MDM profile and follow several crucial steps outlined in our Deploying Linewize Connect for macOS v3+ guide. Please contact Linewize support if you need assistance.


Refer to the Linewize Connect Minimum System Requirements guide to get an overview of the minimum system requirements necessary for running Linewize Connect.

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