Configuring Google OAuth

This article is for IT support. 

This guide explains how to generate an OAuth Client ID and Client Secret for Configuring Google Integration. By creating your API key through Google OAuth, you can significantly reduce the time it takes for syncs to complete and decrease the likelihood of encountering errors, ensuring a smoother and more efficient Google integration process for your school or district.


To generate an OAuth Client ID and Client Secret, you will need:

  1. A Google Account with Super Admin Permissions.
  2. To Enable Google Classroom on the top-level OU within Google Workspace.
  3. To Enable Google Cloud Platform within Google Workspace.

Configuring Google OAuth

  1. Go to the Google Developers Console and log in with your Super Admin credentials.
  2. Create a Project.
  3. Select your School/District Google Domain using the dropdown, then select New Project.
  4. Under Project Name, enter Classwize and select Create.
  5. Go to the API Library.
  6. In the search bar, enter Classroom
    1. Select Google Classroom API.
    2. Select Enable.
    3. Select Create Credentials.
  7. Go to OAuth Consent Screen.
    1. Under User Type, select Internal.
    2. Select Create.
  8. Within the Project:
    1. Under App Name, enter Classwize.
    2. Under User Support Email, select your email address.
    3. Under Developer Contact Information, enter
    4. Select Save and Continue.
  9. Select Save and Continue again.
  10. Go to Credentials.
    1. Select Create Credentials.
    2. Select OAuth Client ID.
    3. Under Application Type, select Web Application.
    4. Under Name, enter Classwize.
    5. Under Authorized JavaScript Origins URIs, enter one of the URLs based on your region:
    6. Under Authorized redirect URIs, enter one of the URLs based on your region:
    7. Select Create.
  11. Copy and paste your Client ID and Client Secret into the OAuth Client ID and OAuth Client Secret fields in School Manger > Configuration > Authentication > Google and continue with Configuring Google Integration.


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